How to connect your Gamecube to a HDTV

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With most manufacturers now opting to discontinue the component and AV sockets from newer HD & 4K televisions, this has prevented retro gamers from connecting retro consoles and in particular the Gamecube to majority of newer televisions.

Our friends at EON have come up with a great new gadget which allows you to not only connect but also upscale the image of the Gamecube to any HD or 4K television via HDMI. The clever little plug and play adaptor upscales the image to the highest native resolution possible and eliminates input lag.

Previously you could only connect the Gamecube to a television with AV or component input or with a more risky HDMI modification to the console which risked damaging the motherboard of the Gamecube. The GCHD offers a simple plug and play no risk solution.

The GCHD has become an essential tool for gaming and eSport events around the world such as Super Smash Con and Heir 5 Smash Melee.

The worlds no 1 Smash Player Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma from Team Liquid has backed the GCHD and recently joined as official Brand Ambassador and e-Sports Liaison.


Why take our word for it, check out the below reviews from various websites and order your GCHD today.



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