GCHD HDMi HD Adapter for Gamecube


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GCHD is a no-mods required HDMI converter that allows real Gamecube hardware to produce the highest native resolution possible on any HDTV while eliminating all input lag.  



Simply plug GCHD into a compatible GameCube console (Model DOL-001), attach an HDMI cable, and enjoy true 640x480p progressive scan.

These resolutions have previously been locked behind rare and expensive Gamecube component cables, but no more! GCHD is the simple, reliable, and affordable solution for getting the best experience possible using real Gamecube hardware. 



Highest Native Resolution

Get the most out of your Gamecube with true 640x480p through the Gamecube's Digital AV port. Powered by GCvideo.

Lagless Input

Enjoy seamless gameplay on HD displays without the typical high latency associated with analog to digital set ups.

Plug and Play

Simply plug the GCHD into a compatible Gamecube and you're ready to go!

(Compatible with Model DOL-001)

Professional Grade Construction

Only the best components including top quality chips, boards, and custom tooled fittings

Custom Dual Prong Design

GCHD's dual prong design allows for secure, worry-free connections that will never damage your system.

Fully Customize Your Experience

Sync any universal IR remote to GCHD to access a full menu of options including scan lines and line doubling. 

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How to get 480p image quality on a PAL Gamecube console?

You can use the Swiss tool along with the SD Media Launcher to force 480p image quality.

IR Remote Signals not responding

On the IR remote, use the DVD or Blu-ray mode as these work flawlessly.

Connecting Wii U Gamepad

Go into the settings, TV remote, pick DVR + TV Remote, and set it up as the first brand (EuroLine) + TV (Samsung). 

How to prevent gameplay jitter/jaggedness on PAL consoles?

Using a Wii U gamepad or a universal remote (on Blu-ray or dvd mode) access the IR options in the GCHD and turn that Linedoubler off.

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