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Super Nintendo PAL Holy Grail Game List

Super Nintendo PAL Holy Grail Game List

, by Av Kandola, 1 min reading time

The Super Nintendo has become a preferred choice for most collectors due to its fantastic range of games including smash hits like Super Mario World, StreetFighter II Turbo, Zelda, Secret of Mana and many more. The prices for the games have been increasing drastically over the past 5-7 years as games complete in boxes with manuals and in excellent condition are becoming harder to find, especially at realistic prices.  

Having cardboard boxes could be a major factor for prices increasing as they were hard to look after and keep in good condition or as with lots of folk, they simply did not keep the boxes.

Another factor for collector's could be CD & DVD based games may suffer from 'disc rot' in the future, which has already affected the Dreamcast and Sega Saturn discs.This makes collecting disc based systems far less attractive and pushes more and more collectors towards cartridge based systems, such as the SNES.

We have complied a short list of SNES games which are either near impossible to find complete in box or cost extortionate amounts due to short supply. This is our list of the SNES 'holy grails'.


Soul Blazer

StarFox: Super Weekend (only made for a Blockbuster competition)


Cool World 

Brawl Brothers


Super Chase HQ 

Daze before Christmas

Aero the Acrobat 2

Ninja Warriors 2

Demon's Crest

The Fireman




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