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Retro Handhelds are making a comeback

Retro Handhelds are making a comeback

, by Av Kandola, 2 min reading time

Retro games have slowly been making a comeback in recent years. While the home consoles still have a group of dedicated gamers, handheld devices have slowly been gaining popularity. Third party developers and manufacturers have been creating a range of handheld devices purely for retro games.

Retro game handhelds are a great addition to any gaming collection; retro fans can play games away from their TVs and modern game fans can experience the classic games without needing the home console or appropriate TV to run the game.

They come in a range of different forms and here are some of the best:

BLAZE TAB Plus Android Retro Gaming Console
This new console looks similar to the PS Vita but it supports a wide range of consoles such as the SEGA Mega Drive, Commodore 64 and PlayStation 1. Retro games may be the focus of the console but it can also play a variety of android games.

Game graphics look great on the 7 inch screen and the specifications allow for a smooth gaming experience. It has a nice 8GB internal memory and supports the use of additional micro-sd cards for extra storage space.

GPD XD Retro Gaming Gamepad
Based on the style of the Nintendo 3DS, this retro handheld offers superior graphics to other similar consoles which supporting the exact same games. It may only have a 5-inch screen but the ability to plug it into a TV makes playing games much more versatile.

It has a large 32GB memory with a 10 hour battery and multiplayer support. This console offers quite a few more features than the Blaze Tab which makes it a good choice for all types of gamers.

SupaBoy S Portable Pocket SNES Console
The creators of this console are clearly fans of the SNES as it's been designed to look similar to a SNES controller. While it only has a 4.3 inch screen, it does include an easy to adjust brightness setting on the device. The console is designed to focus on the SNES and Super Famicom and the matching hardware provides a smooth gameplay experience.

The console has a nice 10 hour battery and supports the use of two original SNES controllers. While this console is more 'limited' than the others, it offers a great experience for fans of the original SNES console.


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