ASTRO Gaming Headsets: The Professional Gamers Headset of Choice

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Professional gamers, often thought to be operating on the fringes of society, have traditionally been underserved when it came to quality and style of equipment and accessories available to them, particularly in the early days when competitive gaming was up and coming.

Even in a field of flimsy and poorly adapted accessories available to gamers, headsets have stood out as particularly underwhelming – designed exactly like the kind you might see secretaries and service reps struggling to keep together with tape and an extra hand while screaming back and forth with customers and copier salesmen in a desperate attempt to hear what they were saying while being understood. 

Gamers demanded better; gamers deserved better. Eventually hardware manufacturers began to notice the expanding professional eSports market and started developing “gamer” headsets but these were essentially rebadged and restyled computer accessories and often felt like an afterthought from a large corporate entity. Then along comes ASTRO Gaming, a boutique manufacturer of professional-level gaming headsets and mix-amps founded in 2008 based on the principal that gaming needs to be considered both a legitimate culture and lifestyle. 

ASTRO Gaming’s first product release was the critically acclaimed ASTRO A40 Headset and by the end of their first year, almost every top team in Major League Gaming had replaced their old headsets in favour of the ASTRO A40. This product set the bar for professional gaming headsets at the highest level with audiophile-level sound, gaming specific features and adjustments, and fantastic comfort in a lightweight headset that still had a hefty quality build.

The ASTRO Gaming style and top-level quality quickly established themselves as the “Ferrari” of gaming headsets and the headset of choice by professional gamers and eSports clans. Since then, ASTRO Gaming managed to upgrade the legendary quality of the ASTRO A40 with noise-canceling Kleernet 5.8GHz radio technology to create one of the best wireless gaming headsets ever made and they haven’t stopped there.  ASTRO Gaming now has an entire product line specifically designed for hardcore gaming professionals and core gaming enthusiasts based around the A40 with several headset models and mix-amps to fit every gamer style and budget all with the same attention to quality, sound, and features that professional gamers demand in a headset.

Video gaming has now become a leading form of entertainment and gaming culture is no longer out on the fringes and ASTRO Gaming has positioned themselves at the highest levels of professional gaming technology, lifestyle and design.

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