Are Astro Gaming Headset's worth the money?

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In this weeks review we'll be continuing with the trend and delving deeper into the arsenal of gamers today. Probably one of the most sought after of which would have to be the headset. As demand for a richer experience when gaming rises, we find ourselves in an ever growing competitive market which seek to profit from such demands, with the advancement in quality, design and pricing, giving customers an ever expanding list of choices.

Your choice might be influenced by the price, functionality or maybe even looks. Though as time has passed certain brands have had a chance to establish themselves at the very top, becoming the go-to if you will and as luck would have it today we'll be taking a gander at one such company. This company in particular not only reached the top just by sales but by endorsing some of the best teams in the world, showcasing not only it's financial muscle but how highly regarded their products are held.

Some of the these teams you have heard of include Optic Gaming and Envyus. Specifically we'll be taking a look at the Astro A40s. For starters the combination of the headset and mix amp produces a top notch experience, making use of the Dolby 7.1 surround sound, when playing games like Call of Duty you can pin point enemy fire and foot steps with precision, giving you a great advantage. It comes with ease of access, the A40s are compatible with all major platforms including the Xbox One, PS4 or PC. You'll also be able to swap the cables via a 3.5mm 4 pole jack which'll give you access to an in-line microphone, in-line mute switch, volume control wheel and a call/pickup/ tracking button. All this ensures that you can a customised set-up to however you fancy it.

The looks are second to none with the A40s, designed with top materials they'll be able to cope with the constant use along with being ultra comfortable thanks to the superior fit and over ear cushions. Grabbing yourself a pair will set you back between £130-£199 although the saying ''You pay for what you get'' couldn't be more true in regards to A40s, they'll not only be a high performance piece of kit, they're also future proof making them a worthwhile investment. You can purchase your pair from us right here at

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