G-Fuel: A growing phenomena of gaming consumables?

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Today’s world of gaming has evolved massively in the last decade or so, giving rise to high performance competition when it comes to tournaments, along with players who want to be at their best when playing outside of said tournaments.

We've seen a growing market for products that enhance performance such as attachments for controllers, programmable software etc. So it wasn't too long until the gaming industry finally ventured into consumables and a very key one that has also rapidly grown in popularity over the years. Energy drinks. Outside of the gaming industry there were drinks advertised as a performance enhancing consumable for sporting activities, it wasn't long until people caught onto it's high caffeine content and saw it as an all nighter assistant whether it had been for a school assignment due in the next day or whether you wanted something to help you stay awake on those early mornings.

Regardless these drinks earned their own reputation over time, not by what purpose they were advertised for but how the customer found them useful, with the latter tending to stick more than anything. As the energy drink market moved away from sports we have the more 'commercial' brands. Logos of said companies brandished on nearly everything from extreme sports vehicles to main stages at music festivals. It was the first of a long line consumables that weren’t directly advertised towards sports enthusiasts. Which brings us to G Fuel, a powder form energy drink which can be simply added to water and you're done.

It's also one of the first to be geared specifically towards gamers, which when referring back to my recent statements is potentially one of the biggest consumers of said energy drinks. Now being sold in gaming stores both physical and on the web, it has jumped on the energy drink wave and is riding it high with great success. At £29.99 you can purchase a 280 gram tub, which will yield 40 servings. Each serving is around 470ml give or take. This gives each serving a value of around 75p. That's around half as much as conventional energy drinks being sold already. You would have to consider how much powder an individual may use in one serving but either way it's still much cheaper.

At a glance it'll also appear to be a little healthier, boasting low sugar content across the board of all seven flavours compared top several other brands, you're also fixing up the drink in you're own home, which whether people realise it or not always seems to be more trustworthy. In all whether it's the novelty that has attracted people to it, the price overall or even the flavours, it has to be said that G Fuel is onto something great with it's latest products and with the growing population of serious gamers it won't be a surprise to see it become a staple in the years to come. If you want to find out more about G Fuel and it's related products, check out their website at www.gfuel.com

I would like to take this opportunity whilst discussing the topic of energy drinks, that G Fuel is still one and like the rest should be consumed in moderation. Too much caffeine is never good for anyone, regardless of how it's packaged or what form it may come in.

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