CARBY Version 2 (Black Adapter) for GameCube

Insurrection Industries

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Updated model with 2.4c firmware

The GameCube had an amazing library of games such as Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion & Smash Bros Melee. These games deserve to be played lag-free & in stunning clarity on a modern television.

Let us introduce the CARBY V2! This little device  allows you to play your games in 480p on any HD television.


  • Precision molded, metal shielded digital connector crafted to exact OEM specifications, provides an ultra-secure interface with your GameCube
  • Analog output remains open and active for additional sound and video options
  • Completely digital audio and video interface for amazingly clear and precise 480p video and stereo sound (NTSC consoles output 480p natively and PAL consoles output 480i natively but can output 480p using SWISS method)
  • Pre-programmed remote control and HDMI cable are included
  • JTAG headers are populated for experienced individuals with a desire to modify or change the firmware
  • This device is powered by GC Video-DVI with firmware version 2.4c which was designed by Ingo Korb and is used with permission under an open source copyright
  • 1 year limited warranty



    Upgrades made to the V2 from the original version include:

    • Special precision molded Infrared polycarbonate shell which appears solid black but is transparent to IR and some red light
    • Firmware version 2.4c adds a chroma bug fix (introduced in 2.4b) and also increases audio volume by about 6 dB while retaining volume control
    • PCB has been refined to be even more efficient and reliable



    Carby Quick-Start-Guide

    Carby Firmware Update


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      *There will be a limited warranty protecting your purchase against manufacturing defects for one year; however damage caused by user modification of the device including reprogramming the firm ware will void the warranty

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