Witcher Adventure Board Game

  • £89.99

Enter the world of The Witcher! In The Witcher Adventure Game, you and up to three of your friends bring the world of the bestselling novels and video games to your tabletop, taking on the roles of iconic characters from The Witcher universe. You can fight monsters as Geralt of Rivia, cast spells as Triss Merigold, travel the land as the minstrel Dandelion, or command a fellowship of dwarves as Yarpen Zigrin. Race your opponents to complete quests and become the world's most renowned hero. In the end, only one hero can stand as the victor of The Witcher Adventure Game.

  • Enter the world of The Witcher, and immerse yourself in a dark fantasy universe
  • Defeat foul monsters and complete quests to gain renown
  • Play as one of four iconic characters, each with his or her own distinct skills and style
  • Craft a unique and unforgettable narrative in every game
  • Ages 14+

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