Super RetroTRIO Console NES/SNES/Genesis 3 in 1 System Red/Black (Retro-Bit)


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Get a nostalgic classic gaming fix with the Super Retro Trio by Retro-bit! Play classic NES, SNES and GENESIS/MEGADRIVE games directly from the original cartridges onto the SR3! The modern design of this 3-in-1 home system allows for less clutter and more gaming. It is equipped with 3 cartridge slots, 6 controller ports compatible with original or third party controllers, 2 controllers, AV cable, S-Video connection and AC adapter. The SR3 gives every old-school gamer a new reason to get their game on.
  • Compatible with original and third party controllers
  • Includes 2 controllers
  • AV / S-Video connectors
  • AC Adapter
  • PAL / NTSC / PF / NJ Region Switch
  • Please note: This console is supplied with a 2 pin US power supply, please check your local power requirements as a replacement power supply unit or plug adaptor may be required*

Built-in Games: 0 (none)


Q. Is the Super Retro Trio region-free?

Yes the console is region-free and has a region switch on the front.

Q. Which console games are supported?

Mega Drive, Genesis, NES, SNES, and Super Famicom. Please note that the Famicom cartridges will not play on this as they will not fit into the slot.

Q. Can the console play SD2SNES and Everdrive cartridges?


Q. What visual outputs does the console produce?

A/V and S-video connectors are fitted and for the best quality use S-video on a CRT TV. 

Q. Can I play unlicensed games on the Super Retro TRIO?

Yes most will work.

Q. Do adaptors such as the Gameboy adaptor and GBA-to-SNES work on this?

A. Yes they work fine.

Q. Does the Super Retro TRIO support the Sega Power Base Converter for Master System games via the Mega Drive port?




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