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Master EverDrive X7


  • £ 129.99 GBP

This amazing device allows you to back-up all your original Master System game cartridges (ROMS) onto a SD card and plug into the Master EverDrive. This allows you to prevent any wear and tear to your original Master System cartridges and allows you to play all your games using this one cartridge.  Please read the EverDrive disclaimer before purchasing.




  • Max ROM size: 4MByte
  • Max SAVE RAM size: 32KByte
  • Save States function and In-Game menu function
  • Instant loading
  • SMS and SG-1000 games are supported
  • Low power consumption
  • High quality 4-layers PCB
  • Soft reset to menu
  • SDHC/SDXC support
  • OS supports up to 1000 files per folder




OS Software

Simply download the file and put it into the root of your SD card




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