Bomberman Tournament (GBA)


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Tournament was generally lauded for its simple, approachable gameplay. In order to score (in multiplayer mode), players must lay time bombs in order to trap and obliterate their opponents, with the last player alive becoming the winner. As the player defeats enemies and clear away obstacles, a variety of power-up tiles appear. Randomly selected from a pool of 10 different items, these tiles have a number of effects, such as increasing bombs' blast radius, increasing the player's bomb capacity, or even reversing a player's controls.

Unlike other Bomberman games, Tournament's single-player quest mode takes a role-playing game based form with influences of Zelda and Pokémon reminiscent enhancements, & heavily borrows from the Neutopia series, also made by Hudson Soft.

The majority of the action takes place in 2D from top-down vantage point, while Karabon battles and select minigames are presented in a side view. Each of the game's six different environments possesses only a minimum of rectangular features and is detailed with all sorts of wacky nuances, such as trees that topple over or an earthen giant collapsed in the middle of a road.

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