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Basketball Nightmare (Sega Master System)

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The player is the captain of the hometown basketball team. Before he could prepare his team to win the all-American tournament, he started to have strange dreams about playing basketball in exotic locations against exotic creatures.[3]

Players have to play against the undead in a basketball court that is secluded in a cemetery.

The first level is against werewolves in the forest. Then, the gameplay involves into a game against the vampires inside a cave of skeletons before progressing into games against geisha and even against a troop of samurai warriors. Each opposing player is represented in a super-deformed anime style.[4] Players can replay the matches that they lost until they finally beat the opposing team. Players must choose between a 15-minute game, a 30-minute game, or a 45-minute game. Several basketball fouls can be called; including traveling, charging (the player with the ball intentionally collides with a defender), and pushing (the defending player intentionally colliding with the ball handler).[3]

There is an alternate mode that allows players to play "international basketball" against countries like the US, Cuba, China, the Soviet Union, Canada, and France.[3]



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