Atari 2600 Controller (Retrolink)


  • £ 16.99 GBP

Do you want an authentic classic gaming experience, but are having a tough time trying to find quality joystick controllers for an Atari2600? The Joystick Controller for Retro-Bitis exactly what you've been looking for. Based on the original design of the joystick controller for the famed Atari2600 console, the Joystick from Retro-Bitfeatures a similar stick and single-button layout. The nearly 6-foot cable ensures that you can play from almost anywhere in your room. Get the Joystick Controller and get back to the classics.

Box Contains

1 X atari 2600-controller-joystick (retro-bit)

  • A new way to play games on your PC and MAC®!

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