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Art of Fighting (Super Nintendo)

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A port of the Neo Geo game of the same name, Art of Fighting for the Super NES is a Street Fighter II-style fighting contest for one or two players. With 10 different characters to choose from and fight against, you can challenge the computer or a friend.

A one-player story mode, which lets you play as Ryo or Robert, will eventually pit you against all of the fighters in a series of one-on-one bouts. Your mission is to save Ryo's sister, Yuri Sakazaki, who was recently kidnapped.

Equipped with an assortment of two to three special moves, along with basic punching, kicking, and crouching maneuvers, each character in Art of Fighting uses a special form of karate known as Kyokugenryu. Special moves include Burning Upper, Cross Dive, Super Blaster, Overdrive Kick, Burning Knuckles and more. 

Other features include a "Raz" button to deflate your opponent's spirit and special bonus rounds to perform solo feats of strength and skill such as breaking ice and performing a number of special moves within a given time.



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