Below are some reviews from our awesome customers!

'Ordered Friday arrived Monday. I've been looking for the famicom version of the N8 in the UK as my console is an AV MODDED famicom (Japanese) with of cause built in expansion audio. This little flash cart is great its run every supported game I've thrown at it no problem, Well-pleased with it and the service from gamesconnection.co.uk, Thanks guys.' Phil

'Absolutely amazing the Krikzz Everdrive N8 for the NES is. I was confused on how to set-up the Everdrive so sent a message to Games Connection and they were really helpful. After I was told how to set-up the Everdrive I went ahead and done it with no problems at all. It is very easy to add game ROMS to play. I highly recommend anyone with a NES console to buy an Everdrive, you will not regret it, I promise (",)' Emmet

'This cartridge is out of this world as it is able to run any N64 game perfectly with out any problem. It has no loading, no glitches or slowdown. Great device.' Christian

'I asked questions about the Cart and got responses the same day. Top marks for same day reponse, thanks. I purchased the N8 the same day and received within 2 days. I was able to setup and apply the Everdrive OS and games. All working as it should. Thanks for a top service. **New buyers be sure to know where to source your NES/Famicom ROMs.' Dean

'Have been really impressed with the helpful customer service that ensured I received this cart the next day - Saturday. The cart itself works perfectly with a Jaoanese N64 and has played every single NTSC Rom I have thrown at it. Worth noting that PAL Roms play in black and white on a NTSC system, unless you have a RGB Conversion and RGB Scart Cable, but that's a system specific issue and not the cartridge. Impressive!' Sunil

'Excellent cases! I've been collecting for around 5 years now and these are by far the best quality cases around.' Andrew

'As someone who wants to play cube games on the actual gamecube as I love the design and simplicity of the console, this was a great buy. The picture on my 49 inch smart tv is crystal clear.' Manj 

'Amazing product and service. I bought this as I had given up trying to own every game in both PAL and NTSC. This however works perfectly in both consoles, with a simple flick of a little yellow switch in the SD card slot. The UltraCIC itself works wonders. Service was excellent. Ordered Early afternoon and got the following day and Gcon support helped my sort the few issues I had, which turned out to be my console and they still went above and beyond. 100% Happy and will be ordering from again.' Ben