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RetroTINK 5x Pro User Guide

Instructions, User Manual and Support

Quick Start

The RetroTINK-5X is designed to be extremely easy to use while providing excellent image quality with minimum adjustments. To get started:

  1. Plug in the microUSB power to the RetroTINK-5X
  2. Plug the RetroTINK-5X to your HDTV
  3. Plug in your video cable between your console and the RetroTINK 5X, select the correct input source using the remote.

At this point, you'll see sharp 1080p upscaled video output. If you're happy with the image quality, nothing else is needed - enjoy the game! If you want to explore the advanced features, check out the manual below.

User Guide


Download the user manual for the original firmware here.

The RetroTINK-5X community wiki with all of the latest updates.

Join the RetroTINK discord server for help.


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