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Starting up

To start up the Retrocade just plug it into the socket and it should boot up. If the red light is on and the green light is blinking, then that means it is on and is reading the Micro-SD. It will go through an entire loading video before reaching emulation station.

Adding controllers

The controllers should pretty much be plug & play. However, if you want to play 4 player games or, use your own controllers, there is a way to add them to the system:

  1. 1)  Make sure one of the controllers we provided is plugged in, with the controllers that need to be paired

  2. 2)  With our SNES pad press Start and go down to configure Input

  3. 3)  Hold A on your new controller and go through the process.

  4. 4)  Hold any button to skip through a control

Only USB controllers can work with the Retrocade. This process can also be used to remap controls.

Navigating through the games

To quickly navigate through all the game's, first go into the system. Pressing select will come up with a menu where you can choose the letter you want to get to and, by simply pushing ‘A’ you will reach that section.

Turning off the Retrocade

The safest way to turn the console is to first go out onto the main menu. Press Start > Quit, then you will have a choice on whether to restart or shutdown both the system or the software. After pressing ‘shutdown system’, you can safely unplug or switch off the power to the console.


The red light is on, but the green light isn’t

This simply means that the Micro-SD card has most likely come loose, try taking it out and putting it back in. Make sure that it is placed correctly, with the writing of the SD card facing down.

I can’t see the picture, but the red light is on and the green is blinking?

  1. 1)  The first thing you should do, is to make sure the plugs are in properly.

  2. 2)  Next, try taking out the plug and replugging it back in.

  3. 3)  Europeans should try using european plugs, as it would provide more power

  4. 4)  If still no, try plugging it into a different monitor/TV, if this works then it means that the other TV

    is not compatible with the Retrocade (This is a rare case)

  5. 5)  If none of the above work contact us and, we will sort it out!

The console keeps turning on and off or, it is only switching between two screens

This is most likely due to power issues, it is most likely going to be either the cable or plug that is faulty. In this case you should either use another one, or contact us so we can sort it out!

How do I quit a game?

Press both Start and Select together to return to the games list.

How do I insert coin and start game in Mame?

Pressing Select should put in a coin and, ‘Y’ is the button to start the game.

Why doesn’t the sound doesn’t work?

Mainly it is because the SD card isn’t in properly, however, the TV can also be the problem in this case.

How do I get headphones working?

From the main menu go into the retropie section, clicking on the first option ‘Audio’ will give you an option to play it through the HDMI or the audio jack.



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