Super Retro Trio Plus HD Royal Blue PAL (Retro-Bit) EverDrive Compatible


  • £ 79.99 GBP




Play classic NES, SNES and Mega Drive game cartridges like never before... through HDMI! The SR3 Plus is a sleek and modern 3 - in - 1 home entertainment system that allows for less clutter and more gaming. Equipped with 3 cartridge slots and 6 controller ports compatible with original or third party controllers. Included with the console you get 2 controllers an HDMI cable, and a 2-prong EU AC adapter. The SR3 Plus gives retro gaming a new look! 



  • Compatible with original NES, SNES and MegaDrive game carts
  • Crisp picture in HD!
  • NTSC/PF/NJ/PAL Region Switch
  • Compatible with Super EverDrive, SD2SNES, EverDrive N8 & Mega EverDrive
  • 6 controller ports compatible with original and third party controllers
  • AV compatible
  • HDMI compatible
  • Comes with: 2 Controllers compatible with all 3 console ports



Box Contains

1 x Super Retro Trio Plus

2 x Controllers compatible with all 3 console ports

1 x HDMI cable

1 x EU 2 pin ac adaptor

1 x instruction manual



Q. Is the Super Retro Trio region-free?

Yes the console is region-free and has a region switch on the front.

Q. Which console games are supported?

Mega Drive, Genesis, NES, SNES, and Super Famicom. Please note that the Famicom cartridges will not play on this as they will not fit into the slot.

Q. Can the console play SD2SNES and Everdrive cartridges?


Q. What visual outputs does the console produce?

HDMi, A/V and S-video connectors are fitted and for the best quality use S-video on a CRT TV or HDMi on a modern TV.

Q. Can I play unlicensed games on the Super Retro TRIO?

Yes most will work.

Q. Do adaptors such as the Gameboy adaptor and GBA-to-SNES work on this?

A. Yes they work fine.

Q. Does the Super Retro TRIO support the Sega Power Base Converter for Master System games via the Mega Drive port?

Yes – although, as above, we don’t retail the PBC ourselves as we only sell new hardware. For officially-licensed adapters that are no longer in production, we recommend looking at eBay etc.

Q. Does the Retro TRIO support saving?

It supports save-to-cart features – so if you can save the game on original hardware, you can save it on a TRIO. There is no additional system-based save feature.


Q. Can you use a capture kit to record gameplay footage from a Super Retro TRIO?

Yes – example below (using an Elgato Game Capture HD) via the A/V in port:

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