Genesis/MD Triple-Bypass Version 2

Insurrection Industries

  • £ 36.99 GBP

The Genesis/MD Triple-Bypass Version 2 is here!

The same great features but with several key improvements:

  • One board now contains all of the needed components for every configuration which can be selected using jumpers
  • Sound has been optimized using data from the MDfourier project to precisely match the sound of the best model 1 consoles in new condition
  • More compact design

Still has the same great fundamental features of the original board as designed by Rene from db electronics including:

  • Audio and video optimization PCB for Sega Genesis/Megadrive consoles
  • Contains bypass circuitry for RGBs video to improve signal clarity
  • Contains a Mega Amp 2.0 audio amplifier designed by Ace and Villahed94 for significantly improved audio performance

This version was developed as a collaboration with the involvement of a tremendous group including, db electronics for the initial PCB, RetroRGB, Cruzlink2, Artemio, Ace, Mobiusstriptech, Firebrand X, Tian Feng and Bfbiii. This is being used in compliance with an open source license

*This board includes all necessary components for all configurations* 

*Jumper settings for specific board revisions are listed on the device*

*9 pin Mini-Din connector is not included* 

Please visit for more information related to the triple bypass including installation information

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