HD Link - Playstation 2 (Pre-order)

Pound Technology

  • £ 37.99 GBP

Pound Tech's product, the HD LINK cable for the PS2 will allow you to enjoy your original games on modern televisions with HDMI inputs!






Seamlessly links your old system to a modern television via HDMI with no adapters or power supplies.




Maximum possible video quality and compatible with all modern TVs. Video quality based on media capability and is not limited by the cable. Games that are native 480p will run in their respective resolutions.





The image on the screen seems to be shifted to one side?
This is a known issue on certain Dreamcast model and game combinations. We’ve found that turning the TV on AFTER starting the Dreamcast console tends to resolve this issue. If your Dreamcast is already on, you can try turning your TV off and then back on.

Why is my image so small?
Different TVs react to 480p differently. We have only encountered this issue on newer Sony TVs. You are looking to set the [Wide Mode] to "Full 1" to fill the screen but maintain aspect ratio. Please refer to this site for a list of settings: Sony Bravia Settings

Do the images upscale?
Our cable only passes through the Dreamcast's native display to your TV. Resolution will depend completely on the media you've inserted as well as your television's ability to display the image.

Will non-VGA games still play?
Because our cable pulls directly from the VGA signal, it's not likely that non-VGA compatible games will work with our cable.

What's in the box?
The HD link cables come with the HD LINK unit. The cable is plug and play so setup is easy and straightforward.

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