NEO-GEO: A Visual History Collector's Edition (Hardback)

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This is a collectors edition which was produced in very limited numbers and this is our remaining pre-order stock.



For a few short years in the early 1990s, the NEO-GEO was the ultimate video game system. An elite, tremendously expensive and exclusive console that didn't aim to emulate the arcade experience – like the other 8 and 16-bit consoles – it gave you the exact arcade experience, pixel for pixel on your TV at home. Even though its sales were low when it was released (due to the high cost), it has since developed a cult following. 

Born in the pre-polygon era, the NEO-GEO was a proud 2D system that was home to some of gaming's most iconic franchises such as Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown and of course Metal Slug

This is the first officially licensed NEO-GEO art book of its kind released in the English language. A visual celebration of everything NEO-GEO with the book split into dedicated chapters, covering Hardware, Box Art, Character and Concept Art and Pixel Art and more. It also features official interviews with key staff integral to the NEO-GEO’s history, including producer Yasuyuki Oda, composer Hideki Asanaka (sha-v) and artist Tatsuhiko Kanaoka (Falcoon).

The book is hefty, solidly crafted and made of high quality materials. It comes in 400 pages, A4 in size in Hardcover form only. Metallic gold ink is used throughout with threaded binding rather than glue, making it much more durable with the ability to be opened flat. Produced using the very best in print techniques, it is a stunning addition to any gamer's coffee table.

NEO-GEO: a visual history is a bona fide collector’s item for all fans of the NEO-GEO system or those interested in gaming history and retro-consoles. It is a window into the mysterious and exclusive world of the NEO-GEO console – something that was mostly unattainable for many people back in the 1990s.



About the Collector's Edition

Limited Numbers (once sold out, it will never be produced again)

  • Book comes protected in a full-colour heavy duty board slipcase
  • A set of 5 high quality A4 art prints protected within a card wallet
  • Comes with a 25mm black plated soft enamel pin badge
  • A sticker set comprising 2 A6 stickers of famous Neo-Geo logos 

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