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  • , by Av Kandola E3: 2015 Gaming’s Future Looks Bright

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 is an annual trade show for the video game industry put on by the Entertainment Software Association. Attending E3...

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  • , by Av Kandola Hyperkin RetroN 5 Retro Video Game Console

    If you’re a huge retro video games buff like me, chances are you have a bunch of classic video game consoles gathering dust and cluttering...

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  • , by Av Kandola Why Retro Gaming is Popular & Always Will Be

    As the first generation of video gamers – those of us that were playing video games in our youth during the 70’s – grow older...

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  • , by Av Kandola Among the Popular & Successful Supplements, SNS Focus XT is a Standout

    Every day, more and more people are finding themselves battling high levels of stress and lack of focus – both of which can be huge...

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  • , by Av Kandola Glamour and money of eSport

    Competitive video gaming or eSports, once considered the pipe-dream of teens and twenty-somethings in basements and college dorm rooms, is now becoming a legitimate, mainstream...

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  • , by Av Kandola The Meteoric Rise of eSports Popularity

    Anyone with their fingers even remotely close to the pulse of gaming knows that eSports have blown up in popularity over the past few years....

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  • , by Av Kandola ASTRO Gaming Headsets: The Professional Gamers Headset of Choice

    Professional gamers, often thought to be operating on the fringes of society, have traditionally been underserved when it came to quality and style of equipment...

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  • , by Av Kandola Nintendo’s Progress

    Since figures were released last year that Nintendo had made a loss of around $97 million dollars, its place in the gaming industry was brought...

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  • , by Av Kandola A growth in collectibles

    The hobby of collection has been somewhat prominent for the longest time, whether it's jewellery, fine art or even stamps, it's something within each niche...

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  • , by Av Kandola Are Astro Gaming Headset's worth the money?

    In this weeks review we'll be continuing with the trend and delving deeper into the arsenal of gamers today. Probably one of the most sought...

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  • , by Av Kandola Do FPS FREEKS Make a Difference?

    As mentioned in my last article, the demand for high performance gaming has risen and is now present even amongst some of the most casual...

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  • , by Av Kandola G-Fuel: A growing phenomena of gaming consumables?

    Today’s world of gaming has evolved massively in the last decade or so, giving rise to high performance competition when it comes to tournaments, along...

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