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Why 2017 is, Should And Needs To Be The Year Of Xbox

Why 2017 is, Should And Needs To Be The Year Of Xbox

, by Av Kandola, 3 min reading time

Let us start this by saying we love the Xbox One. It does so many things right, has a great controller, has a great line up of exclusive games and in general is just great. Sadly many gamers are just hung up on how it is in distant second place to Sony and do not look at all the good it can do. 2017 is the year that this could and needs to change. Xbox are bringing out some big guns in 2017 and this could be what sways more people over to Xbox.

Project Scorpio

We actually know very little about the Project Scorpio at this point in time. We know that it is going to be really pushed at those who have a 4K TV and in general it will be the most powerful gaming console on the market. If you believe all the tech mumbo jumbo that is coming out of Microsoft it is actually going to be considerably more powerful than the Playstation 4 Pro! The fact that 4K TV’s are very affordable now could work in Microsoft’s favour. If you get a new 4K TV it is only natural that you are going to want a device that takes advantage of that, this is something that the Playstation 4 Pro really did not take full advantage of, but it looks Project Scorpio very well could or at least do it a lot better than the PS4 does. Even though some sites have reported that when it comes to 4K, Project Scorpio might not be as powerful as we are hoping.

Of course the real test for Project Scorpio is going to be the price. You just know that the PS4 will see a drop in price just before release or even when Project Scorpio is officially unveiled. So Xbox is really going to have to work with people on the price.


When Microsoft first showed that Minecraft HoloLens demo it is fair to say that it blew people’s minds with many people saying it was some kind of witchcraft! VR is a gaming niche that has not quite exploded, but there is still a market for it. Of course Sony are already in the race with their affordable Playstation VR and Xbox are getting in the ring with their HoloLens which is not just VR it is what Microsoft are calling, Mixed Reality!

The concept sounds really cool and you could just imagine using this Mixed Reality for looking at a terminal in a Halo game or looking at a map in Gears Of War, but like other VR headsets. The HoloLens concept is only something that you can grasp once you have actually tried it. Plus with the amount of different 3rd party HoloLens headsets that are due for release not to mention it has also been revealed that Microsoft are working on a HoloLens 2 already! It is a very confusing thing for consumers to get their heads round. The demo for Minecraft looked awesome, but Microsoft need to come out with something a little more concrete and let us know exactly what the deal with the HoloLens headset is.

Will 2017 Be The Year Of Xbox?

It is hard to say. we honestly think if they can keep the price of the Project Scorpio in the £300 to £400 price range that they will have a winner on their hands. Any more than that and it is going to be a huge ask for people to spend that kind of money on a console when by the time of release, you will most likely be able to get an original Xbox One for maybe even less than £200.


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