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What is the Brawler64?

What is the Brawler64?

, by Av Kandola, 2 min reading time

The Brawler64 is one of the best alternatives for the original controller available!

Nowadays, the original N64 controller feels clunky to use, and hasn't aged that well over the years. The Brawler64 aims to fix this by emulating the design and button layout of the Xbox controller, making the controller feel extremely familiar to what you are already used to in a modern controller.

The 'Z' button has been moved from the back of the original controller to the 'triggers' of the Brawler64 whilst, the analogue stick and D-pad have been pushed to the left side - directly where the Xbox controller has it. All the other buttons are positioned in roughly the same place as the original N64, with some adjustments done to the spacing between all of them.

Also some new quality-of-life features available in the Brawler64, are the turbo and clear buttons. The turbo button simply allows you to map any button to it, making the button fire consistently. This is especially useful in games like Star Fox, where you can choose to map the 'A' Button for a constant stream of bullets, instead of tiring out your fingers by constantly tapping it. Then the clear button resets the turbo, so you can either stop the script or, start a new one.

One of the biggest upgrades that makes the Brawler64 an absolute dream to handle, is the change from three prongs to two. This helps you hold it at a much more comfortable position than what was possible before.

Note: We only stock the Brawler64 v2, which improves the controller quality from V1 by a lot!



'Retro Fighters has made a very solid replacement N64 controller with the Brawler 64. I have played over a third of the N64’s total game library with it and have yet to find a single deal breaker. The performance is just there where it counts! The redesigned layout, traditional of modern controllers, will probably please many but it's also just comfy to use. Outside of speedrunning, I can see no reason any N64 fan from the casual to the die-hard enthusiast wouldn’t enjoy using a Brawler 64.'

'The Brawler64 is a competent and affordable reason to finally shove those old, broken N64 controllers in the drawer for good. While it isn’t close to perfection, it’s a firm step in the right direction. The Nintendo 64’s longest-lasting legacy will be its universally likable multi-player offerings and Retro Fighters has finally provided a way to fit your setup with controllers worthy of those memorable late-night contests.'


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