Turmoil - The Heat Is On (Review)

Posted by Av Kandola on

Developer: Gamious

Platform: Steam

Turmoil - The Heat is On is an expansion for the original oil-drilling simulation game Turmoil which was positevly reviewed on release in June 2016. It was set in the 19th century oil rush and you played out the oil entrepreneur looking to dominate the industry. 

The Heat is On DLC offers a brand new campaign with lots of new features and tweaks to the base game. The concept is simple but extremely hard to master. You acquire some land and drill in the hope of finding oil and becoming a millionaire. Once you start out and find your first oil stash, it becomes increadibly addictive as you want to find larger amounts and make huge amounts of money and dominate North America.

You basically start the game with nothing and try to minupulate the political and social scenes in your attempt to become an oil baron. The DLC adds a new mayor to the game which means you have to get the mayor on your side so you can dictate the oil industry rather than becoming enemies with the mayor who will then hound you.  

The DLC adds a new map which has been divided into three different areas, which require different digging stratergies to find oil.

Other new additions that the DLC adds is obstacles such as lava pits buried within the underground which requires you to use more resources to get around these tricky situations. Another substance called 'magma' is another barrier when digging undergound as well.


Being a statergy based simulation, Turmoil does not have a story line and plays similar to games like Sim City and Theme Park so your objective is simply to build and dominate.

All in all, The Heat is On DLC is well worth picking up if you have the original base game or enjoy your stratergy based games.




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