Ninja Saviours Switch Review

Posted by Av Kandola on

Mimicking beat-em-ups from the SNES era, Ninja Saviours is an absolutely outstandingly nostalgic game-to-play!

Ninja Saviours is a sequel to the side-scrolling, beat-em-up Ninja Warrior games on the SNES.  Instead of opting to go for the simple ‘punch, kick and jump’ control scheme of other famous beat-em-ups such as Final Fight, the controls are extremely detailed with multiple button combinations giving you different attacks, moves and special attacks. 

With five different characters to choose from (you start the game with only three unlocked), all having a completely different moveset, combos and specials, you won’t get tired of battling against the onslaught of enemies appearing from all sides of the screen. 

The visuals and sounds compliment the gameplay wiith graphics akin to the SNES 16-bit era which makes the game feel like a classic beat-em-up that has been updated to the latest generation - in terms of QOL, animations etc. The sound effects and soundtrack compliment the gameplay perfectly and complete the experience.

We tested the game on the Nintendo Switch and found the game runs extremely well on both the big TV and handheld mode. The added bonus of the Switch is you are able to play this amazing game on the go. We also tested the Hori arcade stick and it worked amazingly well with the big TV mode and provided the arcade experience.

In conclusion, this is one of the best games we have played on the Nintendo Switch this year and should cater for both retro gamers and newer games alike. MUST HAVE!



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