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Whether you're just starting your career or you've been playing a long time; knowing what you need to compete in eSports is vital. Not having the right accessories can seriously hurt your performance especially when your competition is already using top quality accessories to give them that extra edge. Console eSport players and teams will especially need to consider some of these products in order to have the best equipment for team communication and for enhancing how you play the game. 

Astro Gaming Headset 

Astro Gaming Headsets are top quality console headsets, created with competitive games in mind. These headsets come in wired and wireless forms; both of these types have great sound quality and are available for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. 

The Astro Gaming A50 is a powerful wireless headset which fits amazingly and the sound quality is very impressive, being wireless it does have a rechargeable battery which lasts about 6 hours on a full charge. The Astro A40 is a wired headset with cross platform capability for not just console but also for PC and mobile too, it sounds just as good and the mic is just a strong a the wireless.

Deciding which kind of headset is best depends entirely on the wearer; Astro wired and wireless headsets are powerful and great for wearing over extended periods which is perfect for training sessions.


KontrolFreek is most known for their thumbstick protectors; they develop grips and protectors for controllers which any hardcore console gamer needs to keep their controllers alive for longer. Thumbstick grips feel good and improve the grip of the player, it makes it easier to control the stick and also protects the stock thumbsticks from potential damage. They're pretty useful to have especially for competitive console gamers.

Thumbsticks isn't everything KontrolFree makes however as they also design special grips for controllers to make them easier to hold, even when the pressure is rising and hands become sweaty.

G- Fuel

Being attentive and ready for anything is important in Esports, players must always be aware of their surroundings in the game and be able to react quickly. To do this players must be focused and driven by a calm but consistent energy which is something standard energy drinks cannot provide; instead G-Fuel is a special energy formula to provide an extra boost which lasts for much longer and gives no bad energy drops afterwards.

When it comes to staying focused and ready for anything, energy formula's work much better than energy drinks which can cause players to become even more tired and don't last for very long. Hardcore gamers need formula's such as G-Fuel to play longer and to fight just as hard all through the competition as energy drinks just don't do what they should.

Esports is serious business and competitors need to have the right equipment to push for the top of their respective ladders. Serious players should never substitute good equipment, only the best accessories will ensure eSports players stay ahead of the pack.

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