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EverDrive is the must have gadget for all retro collectors

EverDrive is the must have gadget for all retro collectors

, by Av Kandola, 2 min reading time

When it comes to collecting old games, it can be hard to actually play those titles because not only does this lower the entire value of the game, it also makes it less collectible. If you are a die-hard collector it will be very hard for you to actually give in and play these games even if you want to. So, is there a workaround or a solution to help you in this regard?

Yes there is, and that’s where the EverDrive comes into play. What EverDrive does is that it provides you with a much simpler, refined way of playing these games all while protecting the original cartridges. You basically get the ability to play your game all while still maintaining it in its pristine condition, something that you can rarely find anywhere else on the market.

EverDrive’s main power comes from the emulation that it provides which is not only very useful, but also refined and filled with incredible results to begin with. You will need a CIC chip if you want the cartridge to work properly, so you should try to get one separately or you can get this chip from an original console cartridge, it all comes down to you. Doing the latter will also require you to solder it naturally.

As an avid collector, you will surely appreciate the fact that you can maintain your games in a very good condition and still play the game as well. This is a dream come true for collectors and something that does bring in front incredible possibilities and a really interesting experience unlike never before. It’s all about convenience and delivering the best outcome.

EverDrive integrates cheats and APS or IPS patches, which is another neat feature to keep in mind. They also make it very easy to use this tool just because there’s no extra software needed so you just have the ability to use what’s already at your disposal. The versions with USB ports offer developers and modders an option to enhance the possibilities while still enjoying their game with all it has to offer!

Created by Krikzz, this is one of the best way to preserve the current state of your game if you are a collector or just want to maintain your games in pristine condition. EverDrive is not only very easy to use, but it does integrate quite a lot of cool mechanics and interesting features in a single product. It’s refined, filled to brim with a ton of value and which is also customisable. The fact that you can protect your games is what makes this great invention so amazing, but the portability and security that EverDrive delivers also makes it a complete, high quality and refined product unlike never before. Just make sure that you use it as fast as possible if you have a large game collection, you will be amazed with the results you get in the end!


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